Hammarby – Djurgarden

Let us examine an another game in our football betting tips for the weekend. Now we are going to have a look at the clash between Hammarby and Djurgården in the Swedish Allsvenskan.


Although Hammarby are currently 8th in the standings and Djurgården are 3rd, the difference between them is pretty thin – just three points. In other words, if Hammarby win the game in front of their own fans, they will reach their next opponent in the standings.


But we could say that Hammarby are having some real difficulties to win lately. They have not won neither one of their last three games, all of them endind with a draw. They have won just three games in the league so far, while Djurgården have won two more – five.


Speaking of Djurgården, they have won their last game in the league, beating the outsider AFC Eskilstuna with a 4-1 at home. It was a dominant performance, but we should not forget that AFC Eskilstuna are the weakest team in Sweden right now, being unable to win neither one of their last eleven games in the league.


But there’s something very interesting, when we look at the statistics. They tell us that Hammarby won all of last three matches against Djurgården, scoring ten goals in the process. The last three games between Hammarby and Djurgården ended with 3-1, 3-1 and 4-2 wins for Hammarby. And while current form is always more important than anything else, this is an interesting statistic to have in mind.


This was our look and football betting tips for the match between Hammarby and Djurgården in the Swedish Allsvenskan. In case that you’ve decide to include it in your picks for the weekend, then we hope that you will have it right. Good luck!

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